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The Rebel Federation is a multi-platform gaming group. The members of our Minecraft group organize themselves on our Discord server or on MC, then play together on a variety of servers.

As a member of RF, you will be able to partake in a number of activities and play a variety of game modes including (but not being limited to) survival, minigames, Factions, building contests, PvP, tournaments, etc. All with your fellow RF members.

With this, we hope to create a fun environment where members can enjoy the game to the fullest, be it building great empires or dominating a minigame.

Join us by registering HERE and joining us on our discord.


To learn more about the ongoing campaign click here.
Campaigns are a unique concept being introduced by the Minecraft Division of RF, with the basic idea of them being a mission that takes a considerable amount of time to complete. These will take place in a specific server and will have specific objectives, but also allow a lot more freedom for the player than a scheduled event would.
The essence of how campaigns will is that…

During campaigns, we will occupy a single server and build ourselves up. We will act as one division, and RF will be united and strong.”


Redd, MC Commander


The following are a few points to take note of when playing with us during a campaign…

  • Be loyal to RF. Do not betray us or conspire with the enemy.
  • Respect your fellow rebels and their property.
  • Follow all of the rules of the server we play.
  • Don’t do anything to tarnish the name of RF or yourself.

The Rebel Federation

The Rebel Federation (RF) does not just consist of Minecraft players. Our Minecraft group is merely one division of a larger organization. RF has a variety of options when it comes to gaming. You can join one of our many divisions and clans if you’re interested in more than just Minecraft. 
To learn more about RF as a whole, check out our main supersite at:

Check out some of our other features below:

Hierarchy Ranks
Great Houses
Picture Gallery

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