About the Staff

Read about some of the people that run the Rebel Federation! Leader Redd, Co-Leaders Reyder and Moondog, Officers Mattsashl, Mishka, Revising, and Tessa

Commander, Redd
As leader of the Minecraft Division, I hope to provide a fulfilling and fun experience for the members of RF. My experience in Minecraft ranges from vanilla and modded gameplay to server building and management. I like to swing a big axe and build a good ship. I look forward to playing beside the members of RF as we do great things.

Lieutenant, Reyder
I am a founding member of the Minecraft Division, along with having experience playing Minecraft for the past several years. My focus is to ensure that the time you spend with us is enjoyed. I enjoy building homes and getting frustrated over redstone. I look forward to seeing what we can create when working together.

Lieutenant, Moondog
As one of the founding members of the division, my contributions mainly come down to logistics. I really couldn’t have done much else since most of my experience with Minecraft comes directly from single-player, both vanilla and modded. I look forward to building a great community here and love to see how everyone plays the game differently.
My proudest achievement is taming a cockatiel, and I specialize in scouting and long range combat.

Officer 1337mishka
I’m an officer of the MC division so my job consists mainly of helping everyone who needs help. I have played Minecraft for quite some time now and gathered a lot of experience. I previously played on the official RPF server and loved how it worked out so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the MC division works out. I am an expert in PVP and have a large amount of knowledge about the game, however, when it comes to building? You won’t find a single person worse than me at building things in minecraft.

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