Activity Count – MUST COMMENT

All members of RF must comment below with your username! (Not MC IGN) 


In order to efficiently develop RF and the Minecraft Division, we need ALL members of RF’s Minecraft Division to comment on this post with their username. Discord username works, whatever you go by. Do not put your MC username.

This active count will help us with future development of the Rebel Federation and all of its divisions. The results will also determine weekly Rebel Credit pay for members, so be sure to comment.

We also ask you put your time zone in your comment so we can plan our events at more optimal times.

Anyone who does not comment on this may be removed from the hierarchy and any other functions within our division. This is mandatory.


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader


  1. Leothelion255#3406

  2. BScharbach2
    My Java’s broken so I can’t be in the mc server but I’m here

  3. queeniealex

  4. Starvsblack2/Pika

  5. Redd
    Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  6. BobTheBleach#3768

  7. Um I’m called Pinkowlcat in basically everything, so i guess this is my comment

  8. Starship/Meek Writer
    Time zone: MST

  9. Revising
    Central Standard Time (CST)

  10. Flojo
    Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  11. Trackling
    British Standard Time

  12. kiki or big papa#6666

  13. cassie#0609
    have not had time to play mc but i’ll have time soon 🙂

  14. Tessa
    Timezone: GMT +1
    But US usually fits better In my schedule

  15. True_Despair
    Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  16. DrSeus33
    Timezone is UTC+9h

  17. Reyder

  18. @Mr. Ribcage#8101
    Eastern Standard Time (EST)

  19. Vinayak

    (just commenting for Vin :))

  20. deleted

  21. Idk if I have to comment here but I got anxious over it so ya

  22. KnifeChicken(#7132)

  23. Plesiosaurus
    I have not been active yet, but plan on it in the future.

  24. CyberHusky
    Ive been active but my minecraft wont let me log in and ive been sick

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