Campaign Recap – Week 1

Hello RF! It’s been one week since the launch of Operation Daybreak, which began our first ever Minecraft campaign. Over 60 users have joined us in our campaign, and we’ve brought in several new members. Continue reading below to see the progress we’ve made this week!

Sanctuary – 1/18/2019

Since our beginning last Friday, our town Sanctuary has been established, and has grown to hold over 60 people. Within a week, we have climbed up the leader-board to become the largest town on the server.
Thus far our town has established a town market, 4 outposts, and a number of other community buildings. We have also established a nation, “RF”. Also known as The RF Realm.

The RF Realm
Towns: Sanctuary
Allies: The Aurelia Realm
Enemies: N/A
Members: 62

We have also completed a ranks hierarchy which will be soon updated. It can be found HERE.
Additionally, we have established 4 “Houses” in which players will be grouped. These houses may be assigned tasks to complete for the nation, or in the future, battle against each other in training events. The houses:
House Redwyn, House Selene, House Umbren, House Caelor.
More information about the Houses can be found HERE.

If you want to join us in our campaign on the Towny Origins server, check out our campaign page for info. Farewell, and Fight the Good Fight!


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader


  1. am the only one that doesnt show up properly in the pic REEEEEEEE, but still it was fun though ive been drunk more than in rl and thats becuz i dont get drunk in rl

  2. looks so fun

  3. Congratulations on establishing Sanctuary! It’s looking like a fine jewel for the RF Realm. I’m looking forward to your progress in Week 2 and excited to see how all four houses will interact with one another.

    Pardon my ignorance, but is the Aurelia Realm a separate entity from RF?

    Keep it up, and FTGF! o7

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