Campaign Recap – Week 2

We’re two weeks into Operation Daybreak, and we are making good progress. This week we saw the introduction of a few new features. We added additional powers to each rank in the Hierarchy, created a number of Guilds, and handed out our first assignments.


Recently we introduced a number of guilds into our division. Guilds are essentially specialized groups that can be called upon to complete assignments for the nation. This week, a town hired our Builder’s Guild to help construct buildings for their residents. See: Guilds

Rank Powers

A number of users have been promoted this week, moving themselves up our hierarchy. To add a bit more to the experience, for each rank in the hierarchy, we assigned special privileges to each. As you rank up, you’ll unlock more powers and privileges allowing you to own your own outposts, create large estates, lead or even call upon guilds. See: Hierarchy

The RF Realm
We saw a few new towns join the RF nation this week. Currently we have the Builder’s Guild working with these towns to help speed up their growth.

Towns: Santuary (Capital), OwO, LDCo.
Allies: The Aurelia Realm
Enemies: Soon..

Congratulations to the following users who have been promoted this week:
Viscount: Mattsashl (Baleygr)
Baron: 1337mishka
Knight: Tessa, ChaosCo, Zapnic, DrSeus, Vinayak21
Squire: Kiki, pinkowlcat, Wavyshell, StarvsblackP1k4, Meek_Writer, xCritiql, LariBee, Revou

Another Congratulations to the following users who have been given credit awards for this week!
Revou – 1000 RC
ChaosCo, DrSeus, Vinayak21, xCritiql – 700 RC
Tessa, Pika – 600 RC
Meek_Writer, ChipperNipper – 500 RC

Thank you all for your work in the MC Division! Fight the Good Fight.

RF MC Division Leader


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader

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