Campaign Recap – Week 3

The RF MC Division is 3 weeks into it’s first campaign, and our nation is ever growing. This week the RF Realm entered it’s first war of the campaign, allowing us to see the four Great Houses in action. The Guilds were also put to the test with a number of new assignments.
We’ve made both allies and enemies this week, read more to see how we’ve fared.


This week our nation entered a war with the towns of Starfall and UwUYouSoWarm. There have been casualties on both sides, and we are pressing forward. Our opponent seems to be slowing their advances. This could present the RF an opportunity to bring an end to the war.

Assignments Completed

The Adventurer’s Guild successfully completed their assignment involving End and Nether exploration. Rewards will be given to the guild at the next payday.

The four Great Houses have been successful in producing materials and gear for the ongoing war. Once the war comes to an end, everyone can expect to receive some spoils of war!

The RF Nation

The number of settlements within our nation has jumped from 3 to 7 this week, with the addition of the towns Eden, Lakewood, LuxuryHomesCo, and Grogin.

Towns: Sanctuary (Capital), Grogin, OwO, LuxuryHomesCo, LDCo, Lakewood, Eden
Allies: The Aurelia Realm
Enemies: Starfall, UwUYouSoWarm

Congratulations to the following users who have received promotions this week:
Baronet: Revou
Knight: Emie
Citizen: ReapxGameS
Journeymen: Leothelion, IFoundANewModDad

If you’re wondering what these new ranks “Citizen” and “Journeymen” are, that’s because they have been recently added to our newly revised hierarchy. See the changes Here
Nobody has been demoted, but some individuals’ ranks have shifted due to the addition of new ranks.

Credit Rewards
Due to the recent organization-wide changes in the Rebel Credit system, we will be postponing this weeks credit rewards for a later date.

RF MC Division Leader

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Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader

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