1. Introduction
  2. Objective and goals
  3. State of affairs
  4. Upcoming events


Campaigns will be long-term missions that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months. These campaigns will have one main objective and a number of long and short-term goals. Although there will be some scheduled events (especially during wars), we seek to provide a flexible gaming experience for our members; so everyone can play at their own pace.

The undergoing campaign takes place in the Towny Origins server
Server IP:

Objective and goals

Our main objective for the current campaign is to establish ourselves as a powerful nation and expand out influence all across the lands, the following are some goals we have set to guide us on the way there:
– Expand our town and the towns within our nation.
– Recruit new members into our nation’s towns.

State of affairs

After some preparation and settlement, the Rebel Federation is now fully functional on the server. Our town and nation are both large and flourishing. We’re currently working on expanding our nation and bringing new members into RF.

Upcoming Events

Click this link to see the events for this week!


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