This page lists all of the current duties assigned to the Houses, Guilds, and individual players. If a group is called upon, they may be expected to complete a set of tasks by a certain date in order to benefit the nation.

Typically, rewards will be given to the players for completing their assignments. Rewards can range from Rebel Credits, in-game items, promotions, etc.

Current Assignments

Builder’s Guild – Mansion Construction
The Builder’s Guild has taken up a contract with the town of LDCo within our nation. Your task is to construct a mansion within the town following the guidelines set by Loyal_Doge. Prior to construction, the guild is to collect an ample amount of building supplies for the project.
This does not need to be completed by a certain date, but work with haste so that we can ensure a happy customer. Building supplies located in the warehouse.

Ended Assignments (Past Week)

Adventurer’s Guild – Nether Exploration
Goal: Exceeded
The Great Houses – War Production
Goal: Met

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