1. The Basics
  2. Intro to Towny
  3. Jobs & Money Making
  4. Additional Info

The Basics

Our current campaign takes place on the Towny Origins server on Minecraft version 1.13 or above.
Server IP:

Getting Started: The server we’re campaigning on uses a Town claim plugin. Our town name is Sanctuary. In order to join, you must type in chat: /t join Sanctuary. Typing /t spawn will teleport you to our town. In order to build inside the town claim, you need to own a plot of land. If you enter a plot that is for sale, it will say in chat “Plot Forsale: $0”. Stand inside of it and type /plot claim. If there are no available plots, ask an officer or above to assign you one. Additionally, typing /kit starter will give you a one time kit full of starter tools and armor.

Useful Commands:
/rules – lists the rules of the server we’re playing. Make sure to read and follow them!
/tc – will enable town-only chat. This is so you can chat with other members of RF.
/back – will teleport you to your last location. Useful for getting back to your items if you died.
/tpa <playername> – will send a teleport request to the desired player.
/tpaccept – will accept an incoming teleport request.
/sethome – sets a home wherever you’re standing. Can be teleported to at any time with /home

Intro to Towny

The Towny plugin allows us to claim land to protect it from theft and grief. Inside a town, mobs and pvp are disabled. Players can only break or place blocks on the plots of land that they own or on plots shared with them. Also, chests are only able to be opened by the owner of the plot.

A complete list of commands for the Towny Plugin can be found:

/town – displays information about our town
/town deposit <amount> – will deposit a given amount of money into the town bank.
/t outpost 1, 2, 3, etc. – teleports you to the specified outpost of our town.
/plot claim – claims the plot you’re standing on (if it’s for sale).
/plot forsale <price> – puts your plot up for sale for the price specified.

Jobs & Money Making

Money can be used for a variety of things in game. Buying town plots, buying items from other players, buying items from shops, and more. To check your balance in game, type /balance.
There are two main methods of earning money on the server:
1. Completing Jobs
2. Voting

Jobs is a feature that allows players to earn money for doing simple tasks such as mining, cutting wood, killing mobs, etc. Essentially any task in Minecraft. Players can join up to 3 jobs at one time.
Search the available jobs by using: /jobs browse
Join a job and earn money by using: /jobs join <job name>
See how much each job pays for different tasks: /jobs info <jobname>

Voting is used by servers to promote themselves on Minecraft server list websites. This is a completely optional method of promoting the server while earning money. (Note: TownyOrigins is not a RF-run server, it is completely independent).
Type /vote to bring up a list of voting links. Click on one, copy it to your clipboard. Follow the instructions on the website, hit vote, and you done.

Additional Information

Here’s some additional information about some other features on the server.
/warps – lists all of the public teleport warp locations.
/warp <name> – teleports you to the specified location.

In-Game Ranks
The server offers players the ability to earn in-game ranks based off of their playtime. Type /ar check to check your playtime and current level. (Note: In-game server ranks are not related to ranks assigned by RF).

Auction House
The server allows players to auction off items in an auction house menu.
/ah – opens up the auction house
/ah sell <price> – sells the item in your hand on the auction house for the specified price. (Follow the server’s rules regarding the auction house).

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