In the context of the Rebel Federation’s Minecraft Division, houses will work as teams of people that can be assigned to a diverse variety of tasks. For instance, if we were to go to war we would then need a massive amount of iron to provide the army with weapons and armour. In these circumstances, the King might decide to send House Redwyn to a mining operation and designate House Selene to forge swords, axes, chest plates, etc.

Currently, there are four houses (referred to as the Great Houses). These are House Redwyn, House Selene, House Umbren and House Caelor. In the future, it’s possible that new houses may arrive.

Red = Lord of the House
Blue = Officer within the House

It’s possible that in the future the houses will become a more complex system, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Members sworn to House Redwyn:
Redd, Baleygr (Mattsashl)Revou, ddewing, Skytard, MrBrudy, SurryUwU, Placeh0lder, xCritiql, aNiallator559
Members sworn to House Selene:
Moondog, Zapnic,
Vinayak21, Meek_Writer, Leothelion255, callmemacaroni, CoiledPegasus, wispywoods, Dovewing12, ariiiiiiiiiiiii, iJawshy, Frostbite292, Fluo, LariBee, Kiki
Members sworn to House Umbren:
Reyder, Wavyshell, Therese367, weebwad, AirAditto, Acorno, theonewholikestothrowthings, Tomcat3, Jillypoo, MinishCaps, ZzZzZ (ZV), Laradoo, Squiddie, Mr_Ribcage, Emie, plesi0saurus
Members sworn to House Caelor:
1337mishka, ChaosCo, DrSeus33, StarvsblackP1k4, ChipperNipper, Kellis, Pinkowlcat, ReapxGameS, Foxxy10, PigOnTheMove, JoshBeaver, Goldxnrose, Snowie

If you are not listed here, make sure that you have registered within our division. You can do that on our Register page.

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