RF PvP Tournament

RF is hosting it’s first PvP tournament in honor of the kingdom this week.

If you seek glory and wealth, sign up by commenting on this post with:
– Your Minecraft username.
– Your discord account name.
If you cannot comment, message @VanillaSoftboi#3504 on discord to join.

When: This Sunday, February 10th. 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Where: The TownyOrigins MC server at Sanctuary’s fighting pit.

About The Tournament

There will be a bracket consisting of a series of 1 vs 1 duels, the winners progressing to the next bracket level until a single winner emerges. There may be additional loser brackets determining other winners.

Duel losers will receive their armor and weapons back upon losing. You won’t lose any gear.


The winner(s) of the tournament will be able to choose from a variety of prizes, including: Rebel Credits, In-game Cash, In-game Items, and of course, glory.
All  RF members who participate in the tournament will receive 100 Rebel Credits each.

  • The tournament will take place in Sanctuary’s fighting pits.
  • All combatants will be restricted to the following gear:
    • Unenchanted diamond armor
    • Unenchanted diamond swords, axes, tridents, or bows.
    • No extra armor, if it breaks, it breaks.
    • 2 Shields
    • 1 Golden Apple
  • There will be no potions for the lower bracket levels. In the final few fights, upgraded armor and potions will be permitted.
  • No exiting the arena during combat.
  • No interfering with fights outside of your own.
  • No lava, tnt, block placing or breaking, etc.
  • Do not throw fights. Fight with honor!
  • Do not fight outside of the arena or in the surrounding areas!

Breaking any of these rules will result in automatic disqualification

Lottery Drawing

There will be an additional drawing for a cash reward for all users who join the tournament. The starting value will be $1000 and increase $500 for every user taking part in the tournament. Registered RF members fighting in the tournament are automatically entered. Players not registered but who are in the RF Nation may join for 200$. You must fight in the tournament to be apart of this drawing.


Sunday, February 10th
10:00am PST, 11:00am MST, 12:00pm CST, 1:00pm EST, 6:00pm GMT

Good luck to all who enter, I will see you Sunday!
MC Division Leader


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader


  1. StopReportingMe – Minecraft
    WongFromTokyo#3196 – discord

  2. IGN: ReapxGameS
    Discord: BobTheBleach

  3. IGN: _GlItCh__
    Discord: Chickie02 (Felix the Fox#2478)

  4. IGN: AirAditto
    Discord: deleted#5039

  5. IGN DrSeus33
    Discord: Dr Seus#5631

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  7. IGN: cadrol
    Discord: Reyder#4268

  8. IGN: Zapnic
    Discord: True_Despair

  9. IGN: Pinkowlcat
    Discord: Pinkowlcat#9780

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