The RF Nation has declared war on the towns of UwUYouSoWarm & Starfall.

What does this mean?
– This means that the enemy can attack and kill you at any time in the Wilderness. You are safe within our town borders. PvP will NOT be enabled inside of town claims.
– Griefing is NOT enabled. Your builds are safe as long as they are claimed.
– We have clearance to attack and kill the enemy.
– The Great Houses will now be assigned with production for the war.
– If you are killed by the enemy, they do not have to return your items.

How the War Works:
This war mainly has to do with defeating the enemy over a longer period of time. We will have to repeatedly win battles and deplete their resources until a victor appears through surrender or until a peace treaty is made.
We are not constantly fighting. Much of this war will be resource collection and production. The Great Houses are all assigned to certain tasks to produce items for our nation.
We will have events where we attack our enemy as a large group. These battles can be both scheduled and unscheduled. So keep your eyes open. Smaller squads may be created for scouting, recon, or battle. We do not recommend fighting the enemy alone. People of rank Baron or higher may assemble users for specific tasks if needed during war.

How To Help:
Each Great House has an assignment to produce items for the war effort. Players should put the items generated for the war into the stockpiles located at Outpost 8. Get there using the command > /t outpost 8 <. Your House’s stockpile is labeled. Put the items into the chest located in your House’s area.
See our Assignments page for info on your House. Speak to either a Lord or Officer of your house for additional information.

Additional Information:
Even if you are not good at combat, you may be expected to help in a fight if needed. Everyone is capable of helping.
Don’t fight alone. From what we know, some of our enemies are good at combat. You are only permitted to launch attacks if you are assembled by a Baron or above. You may defend yourself or help a fellow RF member or ally if they are in need at any time.

Our Enemy:
Our enemies are from the towns UwUYouSoWarm and Starfall. You can find who is in their town by typing /town towname, and looking at their list of residents. Do not engage anyone who is not within these two towns unless they attack you first.

Stay tuned for more information! RF will triumph over our enemies in the days to come. Be safe and Fight The Good Fight

RF MC Division Leader


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader


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