WAR OVER – Campaign Recap – Week 4

The war against Starfall and UYSW has ended. We have successfully defended our nation and ended the conflict.

We’re a month into the campaign, folks. It’s safe to say that we’re settled in, and we can begin hosting more events and operations. Continue reading to see what we’ve accomplished this week, and what’s to come.


Our enemies have been pushed back, and we are able to rest assured that our nation is safe. We’ve collected a large sum of wealth as a result of the war, and players can expect to receive some of the spoils of war. More info about this will come soon. Leftover gear that has been produced for the war that is not redistributed to players will be used for future events.

The RF Nation

We’ve done well with building our nation in the past week. Outpost 3 has been expanded considerably and has become a residential outpost. If you’re allowed to own more plots, you can now request to build a house at outpost 3 or have one built for you. You can live there completely or use it as a retreat, whatever you want.

We’re also looking to name Outpost 3, similar to how Outpost 4 is called “Emerald Ranch”. Comment your suggestions!

We’ve also accepted two new towns into our nation, Raftel and Carleone. Welcome!

RF Nation (Population: 128)
Towns: Sanctuary, OwO, LDCo, LuxuryHomesCo, Grogin, Lakewood, Eden, Carleone, Raftel
Allies: The Aurelia Realm
Enemies: None

Promotions / Rewards

The four great houses successfully accomplished their tasks of producing supplies for the war. As a result, we have a list of users who will be receiving 350 Rebel Credits each for their combined efforts.

Zapnic, Leothelion, Meek_Writer, ChaosCo, DrSeus, Bob, Kellis, Pika, Tessa, Trackling, Pinkowlcat, Mattsashl, Eslayer, Revising, Mishka, Reyder.

The following users have also been selected for a 500 RC reward for their activity and performance this week.

Kellis, Pika, Vinayak, Pinkowncat, Tessa, Chaos, Seus, Trackling, Mishka, Mattsashl, Eslayer, Revising.

Congratulations to the following users who have been promoted this week!
Baron – Revou
Citizen – Kellis
Squire – Pinkowlcat
Journeyman – Trackling


Tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 10th) we will be having a PvP Tournament in honor of the RF Nation! Read our post about it HERE and comment on the post to join!

You can expect to see more events this week as well! If you want to see something specific done for an event, feel free to leave a comment.

MC Division Leader


Rebel Federation Minecraft Division Leader

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