RF December Update – The Kingdom of Reveran

As a new decade approaches, we’re reminded that RF will soon be able to boast having operated in 3 different decades. With that in mind, we’d like to end this decade (and furthermore start off the new one) with some new and fancy features. Here is some of what’s new:

“The Kingdom of Reveran” Campaign

Recently we have launched a brand new campaign in the land of ApeironMC! With this campaign we’ve rebranded our community to be known as “The Kingdom of Reveran”. So if you noticed our discord and website pages have changed a bit, that’s why.

Click Here to read about the campaign in Archduke Moondog’s post.

Click Here to read about some of the objectives of our campaign.

Ranks Update

As you may know, our unique hierarchy of ranks is one of the things that separates us from the rest of the Minecraft communities out there. We hope our ranks add to the immersive experience and overall enjoyment of the RF: Kingdom of Reveran.

Whats New? : Each rank comes with unique perks and privileges that, as you rank up, gradually grant you more power and influence within our kingdom. Rise through our ranks to do anything from starting your own guild to ruling over vast areas of land.

Click Here to view our Ranks page.


Members of The Kingdom of Reveran now have the opportunity to create or join specialized guilds. Guilds are often productive enterprises providing goods or services. Join the builders guild and put up buildings for the crown! Start a brewer’s guild and open a tavern selling brews!

Click Here to learn more about Guilds


New Beginnings

The trumpets sang, announcing the arrival of the king to his court. Where he and his followers had once set up a camp now stood an imposing stone keep. Long had they waited to find a new home after the last had been lost, and now they were finally there. It was time to send for the citizens of his kingdom to follow his steps. It was time to conquer a new world. A new adventure began for the people of Reveran; a new beginning awaited them.

A new campaign

After a very long wait a new campaign begins in the lands of Apeiron. Here we have built a keep from where we will expand. Citizens will be able to join the kingdom of Reveran, and assist in it’s ascent to glory. 

This campaign will take us from a small town to a massive empire, and we will need all the help we can get to achieve this goal.

An ambitious objective

The server we will be playing in has a custom plugin not unlike Towny. One of its features is that kingdoms can become empires after meeting a number of requirements. Empires get their own world (around 64 million square blocks in size, or 8k by 8k) in the server, as well as the ability to be composed of more than one settlement (the equivalent of a Towny nation). Achieving the empire status will be the primary objective of this campaign.

For this purpose we will need to become a tier 10 settlement (the requirements for this can be seen in game, and the minor council will guide the efforts to achieve this) and 120 million currency. We would also like to expand our kingdom in population, so look out for new players who might want to join us!

A strange world

The server we will be joining has a fair amount of custom content that might be a bit overwhelming for some of our users. If you ever feel lost or need help during this campaign do not hesitate to ask a member of our Minor Council for help.

And a really sexy town

For this campaign we our town to look really good. This is why we’re going to take a more active role in city planning. For the time being we ask that you don’t make random buildings within the walls of Reveran. We will provide you with the means to build yourself or acquire the home you’ve always wanted, all we ask for is a little patience.

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