Rebel Federation Launch of Operation Ignis

The wagons have been built, the horses watered and fed. The citizens of the Rebel Federation now prepare for their campaign into new, foreign lands.

Continue reading to learn how you can take part in our journey.

Our New Beginnings

We will begin our campaign in the lands of  Vorndalar. As a group we will search these lands for a suitable area to create our first settlement, which will be named The Citadel. Together we will work as one unit to expand this settlement, and eventually, colonize the surrounding areas.

Our campaign will begin Friday, July 19th. We encourage all members of RF to join us as we build ourselves a new kingdom in the land of Vorndalar. Upon arrival, players will be able to join our town, The Citadel, and begin working with us in the creation of our empire.

The Campaign

Our campaign will be broken up into several phases, each phase having its own list of goals for us to reach during our time in Vorndalar. During each phase there will be a number of objectives for members of RF to complete for a variety of rewards. More information will be released about each individual phase in the near future.

During this phase, we will seek out suitable lands for our kingdom. We will first find a location to create The Citadel, our initial settlement. Soon after we will search for areas to construct outposts, farms, castles, and additional settlements.

This phase begins as soon as we find a location for our initial settlement. Construction of houses, farms, and other public facilities will begin. This phase will conclude when set have substantial living space for all residents.

Once all of the basic necessities are met in the settlement phase, construction of more advanced utilities will begin. This includes things such as public experience farms, shops, town halls, etc.

Once our settlement is thriving, we can begin to look outwards. We will begin expanding our nation with the founding of new towns, cities, and keeps. As well as bringing in foreign towns into our nation.

Our ultimate goal is to create an ever-growing kingdom while introducing as many new folk into the Rebel Federation as possible.


Our scouts have been able to acquire some information regarding the new lands we will be entering into. Below are some photos of the new terrain we’ll be facing.

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